MSE6's Bonus (AKA: MSEX)

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MSE6's Bonus (AKA: MSEX)

Post  Duck8 on Sun Sep 05, 2010 9:00 am

One night dark, gloomy night, when MSE6 came home from a very hard day of work, MrDoomBringer decided to reward her for her very hard work. MSE6 asked "What will my surprise be?" Doom said "Just wait". They walked towards their large bedroom after dinner. They went into the room. "Are you ready, MSE?" MrDoomBringer asked her. MSE6 said "Yes...start right now".

They slipped into bed and removed their clothes. MSE6 was very hor.ny at what she saw. Doom got a huge b.o.n.e.r when he saw what she had to offer. She was a beautiful woman. " what you did last time. That was amazing" MSE6 whispered to MrDoomBringer softly. MrDoomBringer said "Ok, honey..." softly as he inserted his large stic.k into MSE6's h.ole. He cu.m.m.ed everywhere. MSE6 began to lick up the juice from the floor. By now, the bed was messy, so they began f.@.k.!.n.g on the floor. MrDoomBringer began to play with MSE6's large b.r.ea.sts. He had so much fun while playing with them. MSE6 began sucking on Doom's large d.!ck. He into her mouth. She swallowed it and continued.

Builderman walked in, startled. He didn't know what they were doing, but he was completely shocked. "I just wanted to you...but you seem busy" MrDoomBringer shouted "GO AWAY!". He quietly shut the door after he witnessed around a ten minutes of this pure awesomeness. "Oh...MrDoom..." MSE6 said. She was moaning all throughout her "Bonus treatment". "This is amazing..." Doom mumbled out of pure happiness. They were a happy couple.
The dots are there because I was going to post this on the ROBLOX forums.
A gay furfag mod IP banned me because I said "bonus".
i only posted this here because i have no where else to




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Re: MSE6's Bonus (AKA: MSEX)

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