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As she waits there.. he came in the room. He immediately got her up and took off her shirt first. Then her bra. He took of his shirt and pants. Leaving his boxers on only. He pushed her down the bed and started to kiss her. His tounge in her mouth, her tounge in his. He started to go down. Kissing her on her neck towards her breasts. He cupped both of her breasts and squeezed. She began to moan. Harder and harder he squeezed her breasts. As she began to moan louder and louder. He bit & licked her breasts. Then, he went down to her skirt and started to take her skirt off. He took off her thong with his teeth. He was touching her thighs. Closer & closer to her pussy. He fingered her. She gasped. In and out his finger started to go in faster and faster. She's throbbing like crazy, she wanted more. She sat up and started to go towards him. Pulling his pants down. She sucked on his cock. Then, after a few minutes.. they went on the bed again. His cock entered her pussy. Slowly at first. And when he heard the first moan, he looked at her. She wanted to go in deeper. As he put it in deeper. Another moan. He started to go faster and faster. "Ohhh baby.. harder, harder! I need more!" Harder and harder he went, he whispered in her ear, "Ride me baby.." She was riding him. In and out, moan after moan. They begin to slow down. Kissing softly.. they went back to bed, smiled at eachother.. and fell asleep.


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