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Post  Pichu724 on Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:32 pm

Trelicon slipped his th ong off of his "special" area. "Why is it sideways?" "Oh, don't worry",
replied an ominous voice in the background. "Who said that?" It was Fizzypops. She ripped her top off. Her chest had one
melon bigger than the other, and the smaller one was a bit orange. She was also
harier than average. Trelicon did not mind at all. "Ooh boy, different area to work with.
It'll be like d0ing two women at once. Fizzypops whispered to Trelicon "I have two v@g1nas." Trelicon was disgusted at first, but
then he said "Ooh boy, more holes to play with!" Fizzy then worked on getting "prepared"
for bed with a v1brator. Of course, she had to get un d r e ssed first. Her top was off,
but her bottoms were still on. She took them off and threw them out the window.
Telamon was walking by. He grabbed the bottoms and shoved them into his pocket,
walked home, and put them in his bathroom, so he could smell them all day long.

Meanwhile, Trelicon was using some lotion on his hotdog. Not just any lotion, but
the type that smells like the blue waffle. Fizzypops was getting excited from her
preparation. She walked over and said "Are you ready to get it on?"
Trelicon replied with a smirk on his face "F|_|C K YES!"

They climbed into bed, Fizzy on top. Trelicon didn't like to start with holes, so
Fizzy used a strap-on. She shoved it into Trelicon's butt. "OH YEAH! HARDER"
He was reaching a new level of pleasure. White stuff came out of his hot dog.
"OH BOY! MAYONNAISE!" shouted Fizzy, as she tried to take a bite. All it did was
give her more mayonnaise.

Trelicon then got on top. He stuck his hot dog in, back and forth, and a little to the side.
He had to bend since his hot dog was bent since birth. Fizzy didn't mind.
In fact, it gave her more pleasure. Trelicon went in so hard that Fizzy began
to bleed a little. She screamed so hard her throat began to hurt. "Ouch. How do I cure my throat?"
Trelicon thought, and then had a brain fart. "GOT IT!" He suggested that she s u c k harder on his stick.
She tried. It ended up making a very large noise. Telamon heard.

Fizzy was feeling better. She decided to just go home and try again tomorrow. She grabbed her clothes
and walked outside. As she was walking down 5th street, a shadowy figure appeared. It struck her with
a blunt object and dragged her into a nearby alley.

Telamon undressed himself and her. Fizzy woke up and found herself tied up. Telamon
began to thrust. He decided to try getting a running start before thrusting. He got back
about 25 feet and began to run. As he jumped into her, Her eyes watered
Telamon landed. The thrust was so hard that her internal organs were damaged.
She was in a coma.

Trelicon had implanted a camera in her v@g1n@, so he saw everything. As Telamon was walking away, leaving Fizzy to die,
Trelicon appeared. He shot Telamon in the foot, and again in the chest.

"Hhhhhhh..ow did you know I was here?" replied Telamon.
"Some of us are just pervy that way".

Trelicon decided to take advantage of the coma Fizzy was in. He did this until morning.
His grandma walked by and took a turn on her. They repeated this process for days, until
they decided they wanted someone younger.

The end.


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Post  spinnythings on Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:40 pm

you don't have to say "th ong" -.-

i proofread mine for any silly errors like that first

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