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MSE6's "bonus" Empty MSE6's "bonus"

Post  Pichu724 on Tue Jun 28, 2011 3:36 pm

MSE6 was working late at the office one night. "HAHA TAKE THAT! That'll teach those idiots to make logical thoughts!" She heard a thump in the employee lounge. "I wonder what that could be." She walked over and cracked open the door. It was Telamon in bed with Brighteyes. "Oh brighteyes, this was your best idea yet!"

MSE6 remembered how her former husband left her. She was a bit mad, but also a bit willing to try something else. She quietly said "Hey there..." Brighteyes and Telamon screamed. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" MSE6 said "Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell on you." "But, I was wondering... can I join?" Brighteyes and Telamon glared at each other. "Um... I guess." Brighteyes replied "Sure... I have an outfit for you. Go get changed in the bathroom okay?" MSE6 nodded and ran off to change into her s3xy outfit. Telamon told brighteyes "Are you sure this is gonna work? She's just so fat" Brighteyes replied "Hey, there's more of her to love". "I'm not so sure about this..." said Telamon. MSE6 walked into the room. Her fat was bulging out of the dress in what seemed to be ten places. Telamon groaned. "Ugh... let's get this over with". MSE6 took off her top. Brighteyes' eyes got big, and then cringed a little. "Why are they purple and square?" MSE6 replied "Oh, it's just a side effect" "Of what?" asked Telamon. MSE6 ignored him. Brighteyes took off her work uniform and was in a white tanktop. Telamon wore Elmo boxers. Brighteyes climbed onto the bed and Telamon got on top. She began to release a bit of discharge. Telamon got slightly more horny as the slimy white fluid dripped onto his dick. He then proceeded to thrust into brighteyes' vagina. He showed MSE6 what to do and she took her pants off.

Little did Telamon and Brighteyes know that she had the blue waffle. "OH GOD!" screamed Telamon. "I can't put my thing in there! GET OUT NOW!" MSE6 carefully slipped her pants back on. She walked out of the office, not caring that she forgot to put her top back on. Brighteyes was in too much shock to say much, but a little sigh of relief slipped out when MSE6 walked out of the office.

The next day at work, they acted like nothing had happened. Telamon was working on making UltraMegaBuilder's Club. Brighteyes was making a couple new hats for the next contest. MSE6 was wondering when she would be caught. Builderman walked over "Hey. I heard about last night". "Go ahead. Fire me." replied MSE6. Builderman said "I'll let the whole thing go if you do me one favor."

MSE6 had to go to STHXX's house to collect the BJ he was giving to prevent from being banned again.


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