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Post  spinnythings on Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:41 pm

Posted by RTCity.

A random day, pretty much like any other on that pointless planet we like to call Equestria. Rainbow Dash was off being random, she had nothing better to do for the day besides kill time so she went off exploring by herself. Buuuuut, almost immediately after wandering of the trails, she was knocked out.

Some time later, she awoke in an unfamiliar place, a small bedroom. She thought, could this be a dream? No, it couldn't be, it felt too real to be a dream. She looked down, seeing a small table below her, and a few metal braces that locked her firm in place on it. "What the heck? Why am I locked to a table?" she asked herself. Then she looked around the room, pictures of herself were everywhere in it. She felt disturbed, but also kind of happy, it did remind her of her friends back on Equestria, but it wasn't that much of a relief to her situation.

Then suddenly, the door opened, and in walked sparten. "Oh hi there, I see you've woken up..." he said to Dash, smiling.
"Wha-... what do yo-... you want w-w-with me?", a stuttery Dashy asked him, chills running down her spine, and shaking in her braces.
"Oh, nothing special really. I feel I may have given a wrong impression with that last thing I said, I don't intend to do anything "bad" to you if that's what you assume."
"Really?", Dash said, her face slowly turning into a smile.

Dash's smile turned back into a frown, and her mind began to ponder what he could possibly want to do with her. Kill her? Torture her? Make her his slave? All of those questions raced through her head, and she didn't want, nor really intend to find out. She began to try and break free, and although she knew it was a pretty fruitless attempt, she still wanted to go for it. She began to squirm around in her braces, but with no luck.

"Oh Dashy, don't waste your energy. You and I both know you couldn't hope to break free of your braces over there." sparten told her.

She continued to squirm around, despite sparten telling her the truth, but it did nothing.

"Just stop Dashy, you know you won't break free, those braces are not easy to break." sparten once again told her.

Now she began frantically moving around and flapping her wings, giving it everything she had, her heartrate increased dramatically and she sweat like crazy, but her braces stayed firm, and she was growing tired. She gave it one last try, she squirmed, pulled, and flapped as much as possible, but to no avail. She was completely tired out. She began slowly catching her breath.

"Alright then. Now that you're tired out, it's time to do what I've intended to do for awhile now."

Sparten now began to approach Dash, and Dash, knowing she now had next to no chance of fighing him off, or any means of reasoning with him quietly sighed, and prepared for the worst. Sparten began to remove her braces, first one, then two, three and then the last. He picked Dash up and carried her towards his bedside, putting her down on it.

"Stay, don't try to escape, all possible exits are blocked off and you won't be getting out of here unless I allow it." sparten told her.
And then she passed out.

She awoke a few minutes later. Sparten was gone, she hadn't the slightest idea where he went. She walked around the bedroom to kill time. The unfamiliar pitter patter of rain against the glass intrigued her, she had only seen rain a few times before. She pressed her face to the glass and stared out into the rainy night time sky. She heard the door open behind her, sparten was back.

"Oh hi again Dashy, did you miss me?" he asked rhetorically.

Dash just continued to stare out into the dark sky, tears began to form in her eyes, first one and then two... and then she began to sob.

"Oh what's wrong Dashy?" sparten asked, walking over to her at the window
"Nothing." Dash replied, still sobbing and sniffling.
"Come on, just tell me."
"Oh, fine. ...I miss Equestria. I want to go back there." she told him.
"Oh, well don't worry. I intend to send you back later."

Dash was still sad though, and she still had tears in her eyes.

"...Hey Dashy, I know what'll cheer you up." sparten told her.
"What?" she asked.
"Go sit over on the bed, I'll be riiight back." sparten said enthusiastically, sprinting out the door.
Dash went over to the bed and sat down. She was still quite tired, but she didn't want to fall asleep and dissapoint sparten, he seemed nice, even though she had been chained down by him. She thought of life back home while she waited, she was sure she would be asked where she'd been, since she knew it'd probably been hours since she was taken away.

It was now that the door opened again. Dash looked behind her, and once again, in walked sparten, but this time was different from the others. This time he was naked. Dash pretty much knew why almost instantly, but still she began to think to herself, should she fight it? Should she just go with it? She didn't have that much time to think, but had it thought out almost from the start. She knew it'd be pointless to try and resist...

By now, Sparten was laying down on his side of the bed, next to her, a nice little smile on his face. Dash looked over her shoulder at him, noting his body, his glimmering eyes, and quite an amount more that that. Suddenly, Dash felt different than she did before. Before, she had no real emotions towards sparten, but now it seemed that she had taken to liking him. She didn't really know why. Her mind began thinking of why sparten was naked again, and now she embraced it.

Her mind now totally made up, she scooted over to him...

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Post  spinnythings on Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:42 pm

My addition, because I was bored.

...and started to give him a b-jay. but right before the climax she bit down hard. sparten screamed in agony and blood gushed everywhere. Rainbow spit out his top half and walked out the door as sparten bled to a horrible, slow death. Rainbow found her way back by breaking the fourth wall and checking the tv listings. but by the time My Little Pony came on she had completely changed and was wearing a leather jacket and sunglsses. Scootaloo saw her walking into town. "Sup filly?"

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Post  randomrobot on Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:57 am


rarity's new dress had a better ending, though :P


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