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Post  Sherlox on Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:56 am

That night was a night Kristina would not -- could not -- forget.
It was raining, she remembered; she stood outside the enormous dictatorial palace of Our Great Leader James Plochowietz, who had assumed power through a series of military coups and heart-wrenching tributes to a lost love known only as Mariyah. This had all happened 10, 20 years ago... it was irrelevant now.
But there she was, about to mingle with the most powerful man on the planet. She brushed off her flowing red cocktail dress, fixed her hair, and clutched her diamond-encrusted black handbag close to her chest and walked through the wrought iron gates and up the path to the palace. A knock on the door brought a muscly doorman to, who led her into the house and down a long hallway. As she followed him, she noticed glorious oil paintings framed with solid gold and draped with strings of diamond and silk-- they all pictured the same mysterious girl the populace knew only as Mariyah. How very strange, she thought. Shaking it off, she passed several more bouncers and entered the dining room.

It was a scene of excess and delight. The sprawling marble architecture was adorned with various large bolts of gold thread and silk. Upon ebony and glass tables in the center of the room sat an extensive feast -- per standards of the time, of course: roast leg of zebra, stuffed and fried dog, and the strangest and finest of delicacies, cat heart.
Kristina took a glass of champagne from a waiter near the stunning entry arches -- a rare 2019 vintage -- and nervously crept her way through the throng of guests toward the Great Leader himself. I can't believe this is happening, she thought to herself. Perhaps now my life will have some scrap of meaning. She approached James, even more majestic in person than in the gorgeous state images displayed to the citizens, and drew her gun. It was her great misfortune, however, that the insane numbers of bodyguards surrounding james and perched high in places most people don't know a human being can actually fit in spotted her before she could even think of pulling the trigger. A loud pop and a short, forceful blast of air later, a powerful tranquilizer dart stuck in her back, delivering its near-fatally sedative payload.

Kristina awoke in a dirty room of blood-stained concrete. She was restrained with uncomfortable leather straps to a rusted and corroded iron slab in the middle of the room. A harsh, blinding light shone in her delicate face and eyes, confusing her temporarily before realizing she was completely naked. She moved her head from the light and strained her neck to look around the room. She could spot no one else, but noticed several terrifying instruments hung across the walls. The inside of her vagina burned with the pain of tearing, and she realized something very sharp had been stuck into it. Blood pooled in the V of her thighs.

With a barely audible click and grinding noise, a metal door hidden in the wall slid open at the moment and promptly shut, allowing entry to three shadowy figures. The left and rightmost ones were lean and menacing, and the middle one was plump and... majestic...

oh God no.

The rightmost figure grabbed the light and lifted it higher, illuminating the trio's faces. Of course, in the middle stood James, barely covered by an ill-fitting purple silk bathrobe. Kristina could spot wiry curls of unkempt chest and pubic hair poking out through various holes and openings in the fabric. The other two were James' second-and-third-in-commands, who happened to be the first two to grab hold of Kristina's limp body and drag her to wherever the hell they were know.

A blindfold was placed over Kristina's eyes and a worn and torn leather gag was placed in her mouth. She could taste the blood, saliva, and sheer pain and terror of whoever had bitten this before her. The object in her vagina was then ripped out, cutting and damaging god knows what along the way. Being restrained and gagged, Kristina could neither shudder nor wince nor scream and suffered the torture silently. Mercifully, the blindfold was taken off, but the room was darkened. Kristina noticed a bloody piece of flesh clinging by a string of muscle to her labia. Something had been torn out from the inside. Suddenly, and seemingly on instinct, she could feel -- although she was still somehow a virgin -- the unmistakable feeling and push of a penis inside her. Two other phalluses approached her from either side, smacking her wildly and being forced into her ears. She realized whomever was currently inside her happened to be James. She could feel his rolls of fat smacking against her slim torso and his disgustingly dirty pubic hair scratching her in all the wrong places; all the while, the string of muscle being moved around wildly, tearing off more and more. Eventually, she could feel her insides start to tear away completely and exit through her vagina, like some horrible, hellish afterbirth. The pain at this point was beyond all comprehension. With the rhytmic pounding and smacking of cocks all around her, Kristina fainted.

She awoke some undetermined time later in a world of red and endless pain. She sat in a white hospital room, connected to all sorts of tubing and monitors. She could not feel anything below the middle of her torso and realized quickly that absolutely nothing was there. She frantically ripped every piece of strange medical equipment from her body and scrambled around, but could only fall with a squishy thud onto the linoleum floor under her. She was nothing more than a stump with burnt, barely recognizable arms. Otherwordly brusies covered her body, most of which was unmistakably charred. She tried to cry out, but whatever had been done to her must have removed use of her vocal cords completely.
The way she felt now is indescribable to anyone not phsyically and singlehandedly experiencing it all. Suffice to say, it was far far more than the most horifying thing anyone could possibly imagine when James, in a silky purple, torn and bloody bathrobe entered the small hospital room -- now, she realized, a fake -- and declared that she would be honored and martyred for her brazenness in the fight against him. James' eyes darted maniacally as he explained that he was only one of two people to stop him in his pursuit of power and, he said he hoped, eternal happiness. He spat on Kristina disgustedly, and with a clap his hands, presented the other: a barely-living figure, much identical to Kristina, was brought in on a gurney.

It was the girl in the potraits.
To this day, she can still feel the tearing of her insides every intake of breath to her lungs.

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