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Post  EXcel on Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:21 am

EXcellent's eyes shifted anxiously across the hillside. "Is this the place?" he asked McKailey, as he was parking the car. "Yes, it is" she cooed. EX's heart skipped a beat. He was about to lose his virginity right then and there. "Well, let's do this" McKailley said, removing her top, exposing her juicy, lucious breats. Immediatly, EX got an erection. "Stay calm until pentration" he thought to himself. He got into the back seat of the vehicle, and started rubbing her breasts. "Oh, yes, yes..." she moaned. Ex took off his pants, and then McKailey tore off his boxers, exposing his Penis in full length. She stuck it into her mouth, and sucked on it. "Does it feel good" she asked EX. "Oh, yes...it feels way good" he moaned. Then, he felt it- The sensation. "McK, I'm going to cum!". He yelped when the semen juices started flowing into McKailey's oral cavity. "Omigosh, this tastes so good" she thought. She took her mouth out and said "Ready for the main event?" EX smirked and said "Always".

McKailey lay flat on the backseat, with her legs spread far apart. "Ready?" EXcellent asked. "Yes" McKailey said, thinking to herself "This will be the best feeling ever". EX shoved his juicy penis into her open vagina, and proceeded to push it in harder and harder. "Oh yeah, oh my God, yes...." McKailey moaned as it went farther in. EX felt in pure bliss, also: "My god, the warm feeling is intense". They both felt it at the same time: The feeling. "Oh...oh...Oh...OH, OH, OH!" McKailey yelled as her orgasm climaxed. "Oh, yes, yes, YES!" EX screamed as hes ejaculation happened. their combined juices flooded over the backseat. They both collapsed into each other. "That..was...amazing" McKailey told him. "I know" EX replied.

After getting dressed again, EX started the car. "Oh wait..." he told himself. He oepned the window, and threw something out. "What was that?" McKailey asked? "My Virginity Ring" He smiled. they both laughed while he drove off.


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Post  EpicMan on Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:04 am

You need pictures with these, maybe even a comic. lol!


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