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XxPlaygirlxX was sitting in her bedroom on her laptop when her friend, windgecko came in. 'Your mother let me in' he exclaimed. She quickly closed the porn window before windgecko could see it.
She didn't want him to think that she wanted him so much, even though she thought about him every day.
She couldn't contain her fantasies any longer. 'I'll just be in the bathroom’ she said. She rushed in and started pleasuring herself.
Of course, windgecko had no idea what she was doing, but he had suspicions. He opened up internet explorer and checked her history. He couldn't believe how long the list was. Almost 40 websites, all of them dirty. To seal any doubt, he looked through the keyhole in the bathroom.
She was beautiful. Her hair was untied, a shy look on her face, muffling her screams. She was slowly caressing her perfect tits with one hand, and massaging her vagina slowly with the other for maximum pleasure.
‘Uuh, what are you doing in there?’ He said, trying to catch her out. ‘I’m...on my period’ she said in an embarrassed tone. ‘...Playgirl?’ He said. ‘What?’ ‘It’s ok. I know what you’ve been doing really. I know everything, and it’s fine.’
She couldn’t contain herself any longer. ‘I want you so much! I want your dick in me. I want you to make me scream. I want to suck you until you’re completely dry.’
Somehow, her parents didn’t hear her. Thankfully for her, her mother was out washing the car. Her father was on a business trip in Dubai. Everything was perfect.
She grabbed his hand and ran off with him into her parents’ bedroom. ‘I’ll...be gentle,’ he said. ‘No! Don’t be gentle. I want you to do me so hard that I drown in it.’ She unzipped his fly and uncovered his huge cock.
He started slowly, almost teasing her, and then started thrusting as hard as he could. XxPlaygirlxX was moaning in ecstasy, fondling his shaft as it went into her. ‘Wait...’ he said. ‘Why are you stopping? I want more!’ She said. ‘What about protection?’
‘Here’s your protection,’ she said with a devilish look. She threw him onto the bed, grabbed his shaft and sandwiched it with her tits. Windgecko was completely amazed. It was the best pleasure he had ever experienced. She began licking his head.
He couldn’t take it any longer. He reached his climax and shouted as loud as he could ejaculating all over her face.
She wiped it off with her hand. ‘Mmm, you’re delicious’. ‘I’m...I’m sorry...’ he said stuttering. ‘Why are you apologizing?’ XxPlaygirlxX replied. ‘Well, I climaxed pretty quickly...’ He said. ‘But it’s still really hard.’
‘But-‘ He didn’t have time to finish. ‘What’s the matter? Getting tired?’ She laughed. She sat on top of him, and accidentally had her tight ass penetrated. ‘Ooh...’ she moaned. ‘Oh, do you like that?’ said windgecko. ‘It’s-‘ now he interrupted her, and started slowly fingering her hole. ‘No, it’s weird...stop...’ she said, shying away. ‘You know you want it,’ He said menacingly. He rammed his cock into her ass. ‘Ow!’ She shouted. It was painful, but right. She had the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, but then her mother burst into the door. ‘OH MY G-‘ She managed to say before fainting. ‘I don’t think she’s going to wake up in a while...’ she said. ‘Shouldn’t we help her?’ Replied windgecko. They both knew the answer to that. They carried on.

For those of you who don't know who this girl is, she was some arrogant bitch who came into OT acting like a complete Mary-Sue. Exellent bonus material.


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