Anna and Arcane's bonus

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Anna and Arcane's bonus Empty Anna and Arcane's bonus

Post  Sherlox on Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:28 am


"Ohh, Oh!" Arcane suddenly heard these strange sex noises so he turned around.
His brother was watching Hentai.
Arcane has never watched this stuff, so he never really liked it. But the noise coming from his brother's come made him want to watch. He slowly looked out of the corner of his eye. Oh god. That was hot. Arcane suddenly started sweating. What was this? His penis seemed larger than usual.

knock knock knock
Oh shit.
He forgot that the lovely miss Anna was coming over to help him on his science project. No. He couldn't be seen like this. And Anna entering his home would just make it worse. He opened the door. "H-Hey" He said, with his jacket tied around his waist. Anna noticed that. "Don't only girls do that?" She asked. Arcanes face turned red. " it's a new fashion," He looked around the room nervously. They both sat down on the couch. "So, what are we studying again?" Anna asked. "Sex- I mean science" Arcane said. Anna squinted. "Ummm okay" She said, a little embarrassed. After hours of studying, Anna announced that she had to go pee, so she made her way to the bathroom.


Arcane looked up and saw Anna in lingerie with a pink dildo in her hand. "Arcane" She whispered. She smiled. "I want you inside of me,"

boom boom boom then a bunch of little arcaneannas

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Anna and Arcane's bonus Empty Re: Anna and Arcane's bonus

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