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Heartbeats and Rich's Bonus Empty Heartbeats and Rich's Bonus

Post  robotspinny on Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:37 am

Heartbeats was driving home from work after an ordinary day. As she goes to unlock the door, she realizes it is already unlocked. “Must have forgotten to lock it this morning” She said. She un-buttons her shirt and walks into her bedroom to get changed. But she notices rich872 sitting on a chair na­kèd. “I have been waiting a while for you” rich872 said. What are you doing here?!” Heartbeats yelled.
“Take off your clothes” Rich872 said. She un-do’s her br­à and takes of her pants and her thô­ng. Rich872 pushes her onto the bed and starts stroking his er­èct member. Then he shoved his long co­çk into her mouth. It felt hard and it was throbbing and she liked it. Soon he went faster and faster and then she felt a warm salty liquid in her mouth. He came. Heartbeats swallowed gracefully and said “I want it in my pus­­sy”
“Ok But I won’t stop when you tell me to because I don’t listen to dirty whô­res like you”
She felt insulted but she liked being called things like that. She liked being talked dirty to.
Her thoughts were interrupted by his member going into her pus­­sy. It hurt because out of all the boys she had se­­­x with, he was the biggest. It felt so good. “Please stop or I’ll cu­­m!” Heartbeats yelled.
“I said I don’t listen to dirty whô­res like you” rich872 said as he went faster. Her pus­sy was throbbing
“Ohhhhhhhh!!” Heartbeats screamed. It felt unlike anything she has experienced. Rich872 came again. He was thrusting in and out of her grunting. More of his juices are coming out as more went in. When he stopped, he noticed heartbeats was shaking.
“Please, keep doing that” She begged. She loved this. She wanted this to go on for as long as possible. “You ever try an­àl?” rich872 asked. “What’s that?” Heartbeats asked. “Oh, you’re going to like this.” He rolls her over onto her stomach and gets her onto her knees. He never noticed how beautiful of a round shape her às­s was. This made him want to go into her harder than he ever has. Sweat was dripping off of his forehead because of his hard work. He put the tip of his di­çk up to her as­sho­le, and went in the hardest he could. She screamed. LOUD. “OH MY GOD” She screamed. Once again he was going faster and faster with his big member until he pulled out and flipped her back over. He was stroking his member again as he examined her beautiful body and nice, round, ti­ts. “Your beautiful” rich said. He came all over her tîts, body and face, then collapsed from exhaustion over her. Soon after, she passes out too. They both dreamt over and over about what happened.

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